Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some one really likes me!

So my darling friend Traci (The TraceFace Philes) had a few bottles of polish that she decided it was time to part with. It was time to make room for some more special finds, I think. There wasn't enough to blogsale them and none were all to special to make worth selling except as a big lot possibly. So what did she do? She helped me out, of course! I'm rather picky on colors and it seems like 90% of my polishes were purple, blue, red, or silver. So now, thanks to Traci, I have a well rounded enough range of color (in case I ever decide to leave my comfort zone, or if my sister gets into my polish lol).

Lots of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears! Now I have some colors other people will like to wear ;-). And colors to experiment with. =)

Essie, Color Club, Pure Ice, Wet n' Wild's Part of Five Glitters (the Pinyata Yada/Happy Birthday dupe), Hard Candy, OPI...and Matte Top Coat!  Most of these here were bonus surprises that hadn't been mentioned  when the original plans were made. She sent them specifically because she knew I'd love them or wanted them. 

I'm so excited to have all this polish to play with now. My toes are itching to have one of those bright colors applied to them haha! And I've already used the Hard Candy Mr. Wrong with JB's Make You Smile on my fingers. (I have a beef and beer tomorrow and still don't know what I'm wearing so I figured silvery stuff matches everything!) So hopefully I'll have a chance to post a picture of that tomorrow. 

For now, it is time for bed. Even though I have a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow I still have lots I need to do!


  1. Lucky you :). I wish I have friends that gives me polishes :P

    You have a nice blog :)

  2. Awwww this was so sweet!! Thanks Krissi. I am happy to help your collection grow! If you were closer I would hook you up more often haha. I am glad you like everything and I am happy that you will give them a good home! BTW...nice pic with the Sally Hansens!! I like the rainbow effect hehe!! <3 And we need to go polish shopping down in Philly someday....

  3. Nails, thank you! I can't believe my good fortune sometimes =)

    Traci, i can't thank you enough...don't forget, you're the one who telecommutes now lol, you can move your butt closer any time!...the next time you head down here make sure you hit me up =D