Monday, April 4, 2011

My Collection Thus Far

I've decided while I have a moment to do a quick inventory of my small stash of polish. Beings that I really don't have a lot of cash lying around (none actually, it's only accessible through a piece of plastic lol) I don't think I'm doing too bad.

L-R: China Glaze - Fairy Dust, Pure Ice - Silver Mercedes, Nicole - Give me the 1st Dance, Finger Paints - It's an Orginal, Nicole - Prized Possession Purple, China Glaze - Virtual Violet, Sinful - Volcanic, Nicole - One Less Lonely Glitter, Nicole - Step 2 the Beat of my 

L-R: China Glaze - Dorothy Who?, Pure Ice - Celestial, Nicole - Me + Blue, Zoya - Phoebe, Nicole - My Lifesaver, China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover, Zoya - Apple, Nubar 2010

L-R: Funky Fingers - Dark Knight, Zoya - Lolly, Nicole - Di-Vine is Divine, Nicole - OMB!, Pure Ice - All Nighter, Funky Fingers - Yule Love It, China Glaze - Ick-a-Bod-y, Hard Candy - Beetle, Zoya - Tanzy

I think having low funds and a few of most general colors I'm gonna concentrate on getting really unique things. 


  1. Great inventory so far!!! Excellent choices. But you need some OPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. That requires finding a place near by that actually sells them...or ordering online..but I think I'll have to wait for one of the next paychecks

  3. We should go shopping together for polish sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. as soon as i hit the lottery so i can keep up with you! haha