Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seeing Stars Franken

So as some of you know there's this great gal, Kae, who creates some pretty awesome frankenpolishes and shares her creations with the polish loving public.  Just this past Tuesday she put up a whole new sale (which you can find at The Hungry Asian blog, there are some left and she says she'll be making more soon). Her creations are so well loved that they sell out quickly. (And did I mention she puts part of the proceeds towards charity? The Red Cross Japan this time.) There were 5 that I was looking at but the sale started when I was at work. Luckily there were 2 of my picks available when I got home. Seeing Stars and Glitterverse. Let me just say, Kae shipped these out faster than anyone else I've seen. I ordered at 9pm Tuesday night and they were in my mailbox on Friday. 

So without further ado, I present Seeing Stars!
"Dark royal blue superfine glitter and larger gold holographic square glitter in a clear base"
 (This is 2 coats of The End from Hard Candy and 1 coat of Seeing Stars, with OtD topcoat)
(and these are clickable to enlarge this time! go me! haha)

Thumb in almost sunlight

again, almost sunlight

LED flash

LED flash, blurry to show color

thumb, LED flash and blurred to show colors

As you can see my camera sucks for nail pictures (especially since it's my cell phone camera haha). In all honesty these pics to not do this glitter any justice at all. The holo glitter pieces just don't show up well through the lens. But they look amazing in person. I have a blast shining my phone's LED light on them and watching the colorful sparkles. Now I can't wait to test out Glitterverse =)