Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dump entry

So I'm just going to complain for a moment.

How fair is this?  April was a 3 paycheck month (meaning extra money in the 3rd check since no medical or anything was taken out). So I had just a spare bit of cash sitting in my account for mother's day and the Pirates of the Caribbean collection from OPI and just as a cushion for groceries and other such things. Then my car decides to wants to take a crap. A locked brake caliper, there goes $300. UGH! Needless today I was a good kid and spent the last of my money on mom's present.

Completely broke here. Not even enough to put gas in my car or buy lunch for work until Friday. Forget going to celebrate my friend's birthday in NE Philly.

It's weeks like this that make me want to crawl into a hole and hide until the lottery gods decide I'm a winner.


  1. Awwws! That's really badluck...

    But you got to remember something bad may happen to you now but later on... something really good will happen! Just wait for that moment :)


  2. Thanks hun, that is a good way to look at it. Every once in a while you just have to get it all off your shoulders. *hugs*