Friday, May 20, 2011

Hard Candy's Glossaholic Lip Gloss

Everyone always flips over flakey nail polish goodness like Nubar 2010, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, and several of the Nfu Ohs. But have you seen flakey lip gloss yet?!

Hard Candy has some awesome cosmetics available at Walmart for extremely reasonable prices. Their nail polishes are a fave of mine. So when I spotted this today for only $5 I just HAD to have it. This is their Glossaholic lip gloss in Fabulous.

On my Lips, there are more flakes then this shows

Test Spot on my hand

The tube shot

Close up on the tube, flakey goodness!

The bonus of this gloss is that it tastes yummy to boot! Most awesome glosses taste like vaseline or wax. But this one is kind of fruity. And after just one application my lips actually feel nice instead of dry the way lipstick sometime leaves them.

I can't wait till my Walmart restocks these because there are 5 other colors (although I think I already found the one that's perfect for me) as well as 2 "topcoats" that are actually "infused with mood altering elixirs to help you Chill Out or Rise & Shine". I also need to try out their baked eyeshadows and mascaras. 


  1. I am liking this color.I picked up a gloss like this one but in a different color! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The rise and shine smells like the dentist.. :/

  3. The Dentist? umm ewww? that puts the smell of that pink goop they use to make molds of you're teeth in mind...or did you mean more of a minty flouridey smell? if its the mint that makes sense since its supposed to give you a little burst of energy...