Friday, November 11, 2011

Badger, Mushroom, Snake

Yeah, yeah, so I'm late to the party. What can I say, I don't stalk stupidity.  Sadly, someone had to bring some more of said stupidity to my attention. Well this time I'm glad they did...because I laughed my a$$ off!!

Badgers are greedy, selfish, ugly creatures who just take what they want with no regard to others around them. So congratulations on making that comparison! All I know, is that I hope Romeo and Julia cause a fungus that will make some nails fall off!

Oh and by the way, lookie what I got! Karma was good to me =D

Two of each pair.
Essence Nail Art Twins!
Gabriella and Troy, Romeo and Julia, Chuck and Blair, Bella and Edward

And for a final note, the first thing I thought of in regard to it all:


Maybe I'll get around to posting something real soon. Between the promotion at work and running a Secret Santa I've been a little busy =)

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